The Kindness Project Creates Opportunities Hope and Encouragement

Join our tribe of growing friends

  • Buy someone a coffee
  • Give a generous tip to a waiter
  • Pay It Forward
  • Find Hidden Cash

Make A Difference

We each have the opportunity every day to show someone kindness. We can share a meal with someone, we can buy someone a coffee. We can volunteer with a program to clean up our community. We can volunteer to help someone learn to read or find a job. No matter where we live, we can show kindness to those in our community.

What will you do to show kindness and start a ripple effect of blessings?

If you received a Kindness Project Card, Share Your Story Here! and keep it going!

What's NextHidden Cash for Christmas - We are hiding cash all over the St Louis Area be listening to the ROCK Radio for clues.

Hidden Cash

Clues will be shared on The ROCK Radio at

and on the ROCK FB Page

*** Clues for cash will be given on a regular basis until someone finds the gift! Do Not disturb any public or private property in your search. ALL gifts will be hidden public places and you will not have to dig, break in to, climb, harm small animals or otherwise do something stupid. Just don't!

Project UpdateIn partnership with Freedom Church we delivered 96 pies to the Ferguson-Florissant community